Hardacre Film Festival


2014 Films


The Hand That Feeds (Documentary, 88 mins.)

At the Hot and Crusty café, residents of New York’s Upper East Side get bagels and coffee served with a smile 24 hours a day. Behind the scenes, undocumented immigrant workers face sublegal wages, dangerous machinery, and abusive managers. Risking deportation and the loss of livelihood, the workers team up with a diverse crew of young organizers and take the unusual step of forming an independent union, launching themselves on a one-year rollercoaster journey that will test the limits of their resolve and set a historic precedent for low-wage workers across the country.

Meet the Patels (Documentary, 88 mins.)

A laugh-out-loud real-life romantic comedy about Ravi Patel, an almost-30-year-old Indian-American who enters a love triangle between the woman of his dreams … and his parents. Filmed by Ravi’s sister in what started as a family vacation video, this touching film reveals how love is a family affair.

The Overnighters (Documentary, 100 mins.)

In the midst of the struggling economic climate of the United States, the oil business in small town Williston, North Dakota is booming. Thousands of desperate men and women are flocking to the region in search of work with little more than the clothes on their backs or the cars they arrived in. The great demand for housing has overwhelmed the community with many of those who have found employment without a place to live. Pastor Jay Reinke of Concordia Lutheran Church is under fire from the City Council, his community and the local newspapers for his heartfelt desire to open the church’s doors to allow the "overnighters" – as he calls them – to stay for a night, a week or sometimes even longer, sleeping on the floor, in the pews and in their cars in the Church parking lot. When the town learns that Reinke is housing men with criminal records, and a mounting controversy peaks within the pastor’s personal life, even his diehard quest for humanity can’t stop things from spiraling vastly out of control.


Another Song About the Sea (Animated, 28 mins.)
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This is the tale of a factual, record-setting deep-sea dive from 1930 by William Beebe and Otis Barton. They devise a vehicle that attempts to descend one half mile into the ocean. They become the first human beings to directly observe living bioluminescent deep-sea creatures. The characters descent into the abyss becomes a metaphor for examining their relationship darkened by deep depression.

Glinda (Drama, 11 mins.)
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Glinda endures the life-shattering loss of her husband by shutting out her emotions and the external world. Her insular bubble of safety soon deteriorates as the truth comes crashing in and Glinda must rewrite the autumn of her life.

How to Make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich (Comedy, 10 mins.)
Making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich seems easy until you think about all the decision making and philosophy behind it.

Jonathan’s Chest (Drama, 14 mins.)

Alex, a sullen and emotionally troubled teenager, goes to bed after having an argument with his mother. In the middle of the night, he is awoken when a stranger enters his room through an open window. This person claims to be his brother, Jonathan, who had disappeared years earlier under mysterious circumstances.

Me + Her (Animated, 12 mins.)

A cardboard love story. When Jack and Jill of Cardboard City are separated by Jill’s torrid illness, Jack must think outside the box to assure they will be together again.

Passer Passer (Animated, 4 mins.)

In this hyponotic animated short, a city symphony celebrates the hidden world of background noise.

Scattered (Documentary, 26 mins.)

Home movies rarely tell the whole story of someone’s life. Instead, they show fragments of a story that the person behind the camera hopes and imagines his life to be. Years later, when one’s current reality has faded or has become too difficult to bear, one returns to these memories, to this abridged story, to one version of the past. SCATTERED takes an unflinching look at the filmmaker’s late father—a man who was fixated on documenting his life on film and who had been a mystery to her for most of her life—and unravels the story that he created with his camera, to reveal the story that actually was.

Verbatim (Comedy, 7 mins.)
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A jaded lawyer wastes an afternoon trying to figure out if a dim-witted government employee has ever used a photocopier. All the dialogue in this short comes from an actual deposition filed with the Supreme Court of Ohio.

Yearbook (Animated, 6 mins.)
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A man is hired to compile the definitive history of human existence before the planet blows up.